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T-Legs is on it's own!
The large number of Greyts
we found homes for!
tell the story.

T-Legs has done
many events with thanks
to all our wonderful
helpers and Volunteers.
2013 will see a new
batch of fundraisers
Check on the Events page.

2012 has given us
many new friends.

2013 will see
T-Legs evolve and
come full circle.
Please join us
in making 2013 a
even better year

Goodbye 2012
Hello 2013, YES !!!

T-legs Information

We where going to move to another auction software

The unfortunately it did not work out, so we went back to the original program.
There was a server problem conflict with software and we had to find it.
We worked real hard over the holidays. And yes we found it.
So we are staring with a new setup and wish you good bidding..

Our Auction

The next T-Legs official Super auction is a few weeks away.
There is a auction going on for the (coming soon) group Click-> here. We would like to welcome all bidders and donators.
We love you all!!
Donna will have her special auctions... coming also very soon

Some notes

Please read all the notices in the beginning of the auction page.
I have had many emails pertaining to those instructions, so again, please read all instructions. That way I will not have to read a lot of the same questions. Thank you kindly. -Klaus-

If you are looking for an auction for your group, please remember that the calendar is filling up fast, also for 2014
We have added a few things see if you can spot them.....
Good luck and Happy bidding, and bid high..
The Groups and the Greyts thank you......

The T-Legs Donation Center!